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Loss of feathers

Did you know that in Autumn chickens loose their feathers? A seemingly strong, good producing chicken will over a period of about 1 week, loose most of her feathers and stop laying. The popular misconception is the chicken is ill or in need of a good vet, but no need to worry, within 3 weeks she'll start growing her feathers again and start to lay.


No eggs

Did you know that a chicken starts laying eggs at about the age of 6 months and produces an egg approximately 2 out of every 3 days till the age of 2 years? At this time they start to ease off a little but it not uncommon for a chicken to reach the age of 8 years and still, although infrequent, lay eggs.


Hey you Chicken, get off that nest!

Chickens are not too dissimilar to women! A chicken can out of the blue & for no good or logical reason, get "clucky" similar to how a woman gets the urge and out of the blue surprises you, by wanting to have a baby. To recognise a chicken that's become "clucky" all you have to do is miss the chicken. You look around for her and you find her on the nest. Thinking that she's laying an egg, you leave her alone only to return a couple of hours later to find her still sitting on the nest. Wow you think, she's probably laying a wowser of an egg - I'll just leave her alone.
Next day you look for her and STILL find her sitting on the nest. This is the tell-tale sign that this chicken has become "clucky". She stops laying eggs, so you start to get hungry, and all she wants to do is sit on the nest and cluck. There's only two solutions for this and you must decide which you want to do.
Firstly, if you're starting to suffer from malnutrition and would prefer the chicken to start laying eggs again, you have to make her feel uncomfortable. This might sound strange but so long as the chicken can sit comfortably down, she'll quite happily remain clucky. You must make her uncomfortable so she CAN'T sit for about 24 hours.
Make a cage out of chicken wire and make the bottom thick wire but spaced reasonably apart  (about 5 cm) so she can't get a good grip and sit down. Next you must lift the cage off the ground and suspend it in mid air, about 3 feet off the ground. She'll feel wonky and she'll remain standing unhappily for as long as you leave her there. The cage doesn't have to be too big (2 foot by 1 foot by 1 foot should suffice). Don't forget to put some food & water in there as well and leave her here for as long as it takes to get her off the "cluck". If you choose you can let her sleep with the other chickens, but DON'T let her in to the nest. You may need to repeat this the next day, but rarely will you ever need to continue past this day.
The second option you have is if you want little chicks, you must go to a poultry farm, purchase some "fertilised" eggs, and place them in the nest under her. Twenty-one days later you'll be a daddy! More about fatherhood another time. Now, women that have become clucky are a little bit trickier & require a little bit more patience, but that's another story for another time, in probably another section!!! Stay tuned.


Is my egg OK? It's different to the one I bought last week in the shop.

Well well well!!! Did you know in England, not to say it doesn't happen here but I don't know for sure, that supermarkets can order from their poultry farmers, the colour of the yolk in the eggs they order?
The farmer gives the supermarket a choice from a selection of about 16 shades ranging from golden yellow to slightly off white, the supermarket chooses their preference and then the poultry farmer puts the right amount of chemicals in the chickens food to produce the specific colour yolk in their eggs they ordered. Now the eggs that are laid from the chickens that you have at home, eating your leftovers, and mixed grain, pellets made from mixed grain, and the odd worm they dig up, produce a quality egg that not only looks like a real egg and tastes like a real egg but is also good for you. It doesn't contain anything that it shouldn't and remember if you keep your chickens happy, they'll lay happy eggs for you.



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